custom kitchen remodel

Kitchen Remodel Located in Damascus, Oregon

When the clients purchased their home, they knew the first project had to be their kitchen. We could all agree on that one. The kitchen, while large enough overall, felt cramped and uninviting. The lowered kitchen ceiling gave the feeling that one was walking into a cave. The new design raised the ceiling to match the adjacent rooms. The layout was improved to allow this family that loves cooking to do just that while also allowing extended family and friends to share in the experience. Transitions to the family and dining rooms were seamless and planned.

Custom Kitchen Remodel


The Kitchen Remodel - Before

The Client's Experience

We are incredibly thankful to have found a contractor who delivers outstanding results at a fair price. I remember when we were first beginning to work with you and were discussing the kitchen estimate you provided.  One thing you said stood out then and continues to stand out:  "I provide good value."  We have reflected on that statement several times over the past few years and have come to really appreciate it and agree with it. We appreciate how much effort you put in to try to understand how we think and to tailor your work accordingly.  We also appreciate that you ask us questions that get beyond the "what" to the "why" so that you can brainstorm even better solutions than what we have in mind.  Frequently, we have brought a potential solution to you -- but, rather than just implementing it as is, you have asked questions to understand the fundamental problem we are trying to solve.  With that knowledge, you usually recommend superior solutions that exceed our expectations. Last but not least, we also appreciate your character and our friendship. Again, we love working with you and are looking forward to working with you in 2014 and beyond.




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