our philosophy


When we formed our company in 1992, we chose to prove our integrity by gaining the respect and trust of every client we came into contact with every day. Today, we continue this philosophy and follow our Mission Statement:

Specktacular Home Remodeling provides peace of mind by thoughtfully helping our clients reinvent their homes. We do this by listening to their needs and desires in order to help design the project, establish a budget, and create a time frame for completion. Once these three important elements have been addressed, we strive to complete the remodeling on-time and on budget.

Why are some afraid to remodel?

Like many service-based businesses, there are bad people and companies interacting with the public. Unfortunately, construction and remodeling contractors are no exception. The daily news constantly reminds us of this by exposing those individuals and businesses that damage our collective reputation by taking a client’s money and not performing the work, working but not actually doing what the client expected, performing some of the work and then not showing up for days/weeks/months to finish, or making the house unsafe rather than better as promised.

What makes us so SPECKtacular?

Our clients tell us that among our strongest attributes is our ability to creatively solve problems by actively listening. Many times, you have an idea of what you want, but a much better knowledge of what you don’t want. By being active listeners, we can help draw out your wants and needs. Once we have that piece of the puzzle, we can help you transform your home to fit your family’s needs and lifestyle in such a way that makes the entire space looked planned.


We've been building quality relationships and serving our Northwest Oregon homeowners with exceptional remodeling services with integrity and craftsmanship since 1992 - Now let's create your dream space together.