6 Tips for Selecting a Remodeler

When planning a remodeling project, the list of decisions you’ll need to make feels endless. The hardest – and most important – decision of all, choosing a trustworthy team of professionals to complete your project right the first time!

We hope these six tips help guide you through the remodeler selection process.

1. Look locally. 
Local pros have a vested interest in performing quality work and providing exceptional customer service so they can continue working close to home. Talk to your relatives, friends, neighbors, and even coworkers about projects they’ve completed and the remodeler they used. Another advantage of hiring a local professional versus one from out of town, is they will know and understand the local building codes and permit requirements of your city and county.

2. Check licenses and insurance. 
The State of Oregon requires contractors to be licensed, bonded, and insured. Ask for copies of your prospective contractor’s licenses and insurance to ensure everything is current and in good standing. You can check the status of a contractor’s license here.

3. Check for violations and complaints. 
You can check into complaints and violations using the link above. Do your due diligence to vet any people working in your home! Search online reviews, check them out on the Better Business Bureau, and see if they are members of reputable trade organizations that promote professional excellence, such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).

4. Compare apples to apples. 
If you decide to move forward and receive estimates from more than one contractor, be sure they are working off the same scope and quality of work. Not all contracts and remodelers are created equal. Discuss variations in prices and beware of any estimate that is substantially lower than the other. When it comes to remodeling, cheaper is usually not better – trust us on this. We dive deeper into this topic in another blog post we invite you to read.

5. Be informed. 
Make sure you hire someone who has knowledge and experience in the remodeling industry, as well as the appropriate licenses, insurance, certifications, and experience to complete your job.

6. Check references.  
When you’re hiring someone to work in your home, it’s important to rely on more than their personality and demeanor – though we do recommend you hire someone you like and can see yourself getting along with! Ask your prospective contractor for a list of references and follow-up with them. Before you begin the interview process, we suggest having a list of questions planned and ready to ask each client. Read more about our reference interview tips here.

We hope these tips help you feel more confident when it’s time to select the right remodeler to work with you on your project. We’d love to chat with you about your upcoming project and make you part of the Specktacular family.