Kitchen Lighting for Your Remodel

Lighting is a design element that can make or break your kitchen. Similar to the right jewelry for an outfit, lighting acts as the perfect accessory to home design – it can be the star of the show or take a back seat and allow other elements to shine.

Here are some trends in kitchen lighting right now:

  • Pendant lighting is available in a wide range of sizes, which makes it easy to accommodate and light larger kitchen islands.
  • LEDs are leading the way in light fixtures! Some can even be controlled with apps, so you can control the color and brightness of your lights all with your phone.
  • Use pendants to add pops of bold tones to your kitchen. This even works great in the most neutral homes!
  • Lighting can be made with materials like, rope, leather, wood, crystals, and more – which adds extra texture and dimension to your kitchen.
  • Playful shapes in kitchen lighting seem to be very popular this year. Consider drop pendants, globes, or linear styles.
  • Metals are another popular choice for kitchen lighting. We are seeing many homeowners making a statement by using copper, pewter, or even painted gold light fixtures.

While some lighting trends aren’t for every homeowner, we hope these tips are helpful as you start thinking about your kitchen renovation! We can’t wait to chat with you about your project when you’re ready to start planning! In the meantime, feel free to download our free Kitchen Remodeling Guide so you can learn everything you need to know to start planning your dream kitchen. We love making the remodeling process smooth for you.