How to Prioritize Large Projects

Large home remodeling projects don’t always need to be taken on all at once. Whether doing your whole project at once isn’t in the budget or you aren’t able to deal with that much upheaval all at once, it’s often wise to spread large projects out over time – what’s called phasing. Phasing is when we create a master plan and then are able to split your large projects into bite-sized chunks.

First things First
Unless you plan on being your own general contractor (not recommended!) now is the time to contact our office to set up the initial meeting. We consider the initial meeting as a mutual interview to see if we will be a good fit for you and your family. At this appointment we will dive into your vision, discuss your budget and schedule, as well as what you can expect from us. Feel free to check out our full step-by-step process guide to learn more about how our company operates. If we decide we are going to work well together, we will move forward with creating your master plan.

Master Plan
When we are creating your master plan, we always consider what items need to be addressed and completed first for your convenience. For example, if you wanted all three of your bathrooms remodeled, we would want to stagger those so you still had one usable bathroom available during your project. We also won’t want to remodel your kitchen if you need a new roof first. I know, a roof isn’t as fun as a kitchen, but it is a higher priority.

Let Projects Pay for Themselves
Some home remodeling projects offer immediate return on investment, you should make those early priorities in a series of jobs. If you need to choose between replacing your old, aluminum windows and remodeling a bathroom, for example, new energy efficient windows would be the better option for you. You will start to see savings in your energy bills right away which means more money being set aside for your bathroom remodel.

Think through to the Future
If you have big plans for an area, consider how what you’re working on now will impact what’s to come. Maybe you have big dreams of having a glamorous, outdoor kitchen and living space but it’s not in the cards for a couple more years. This year you could focus on preparing your yard for the big build! That could mean moving septic lines, building the patio, or demoing what is currently in your yard. Again, these are all details we will help you with!

Reach for Low-Hanging Fruit
Sometimes smaller, low-cost, and even DIY improvements can make a difference quickly! New fixtures, painting, wallpapering, and minor landscape improvements don’t cost much and they make a big impact while you work on the big picture!

Whether you’re planning an addition, remodel, or dreaming of creating an outdoor entertainment area, we firmly believe the sooner you call us – the better. We can help you organize your ideas and even offer you suggestions you may have never thought of before! Either way, we are here to turn your dreams into your reality.