5 Ways to Keep Your Home Projects Going & Support Local Companies

One silver lining of this COVID-19 crisis is that now is a wonderful time to plan and prepare for your next home project! While the coronavirus has changed the home remodeling industry in many ways, we are grateful to still have the opportunity to work and serve our clients while you stay safely isolated at home. If spending so much time at home has you thinking of improvements you’d like to make, here are 5 ways we can help each other:

  1. Set up a Virtual Consultation. Our team is excited to offer virtual consultations and design meetings! These virtual meetings allow us to connect with our clients while keeping everyone safe in the beginning stages of the project. Our team uses the Zoom app on your phone or tablet to walk through your project and ensure we will work well together. You can read more about our virtual consultations here.
  1. Plan for Future Projects. Now is a great time to begin working with us to plan your upcoming project. If we mutually decide to move forward with your project, we will complete a budget estimate, initial scope of work, and sign a professional services agreement (PSA). During your PSA, we will be faithfully moving forward together to create the home of your dreams. Some things you can expect to happen during this time are: drawings with 3-D renderings for you to approve and then secure permits for your project, engineering and feasibility studies (if applicable), material selections, and a detailed estimate with full scope of work. Completing your planning phase now will put you in a great position to begin construction later! You can read more about Our Process here.
  1. Add an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). If you have considered adding an accessory dwelling unit this is a great time to start the planning. An ADU can not only provide an additional income for your family, it can also be a space to use for multi-generational living when it’s needed.
  1. Create an Outdoor Living Master Plan. Outdoor living spaces make it easy for you to bring the party outside and enjoy the beautiful spring and summer weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Whenever we design a remodel or addition, our goal is to make it cohesive with the rest of your home – the same goes for outdoor entertainment areas. If you’ve been thinking about upping your outdoor living game, consider working with us to create a master plan for your yard! This will give you a cohesive strategy for landscaping to complete in phases. And if you don’t want to perform any of the landscaping yourself – that’s ok, we can refer you to a great company!
  1. Write a Review. If this isn’t the time for you to spend money on your home, we understand and respect that! There are other ways you can support the small businesses you love in our community. If we or another local company have improved your life in the past – we would appreciate a glowing review! Reviews like yours help small businesses immensely!

As always, we are here to help you with your home renovation needs! Should you have questions about your next home project or aren’t sure how to start planning – we are only a phone call away! Stay well, friends!