10 Things To-Do before Summer Arrives

With Summer just around the corner, it’s time to prepare your home for a season of FUN! Here are 10 things to-do before summer arrives so you can get to the good stuff: roasting marshmallows by the fire, cooking on the grill, hosting parties, gardening, and entertaining the kids. The countdown to Summer is officially on!

1. Prepare the grill!
Giving your grill a deep clean before the summer starts will help it work more efficiently and help prevent flare-ups. Remove the grates and clean the interior with a grill brush and warm, soapy water. Soak the grates in warm, soapy water and give them a good scrub before returning to the grill. Clean and organize your grilling tools and make sure you have plenty of charcoal or propane on hand. If you have a gas grill, check the fuel line for cracks and clean our any clogged burner holes.

2. Plan to paint or stain your home’s exterior.
If your home needs a refresh, now is the time to get a professional scheduled! Longer days and generally milder weather make late Spring/early Summer an ideal time to spruce the exterior of your home.

3. Install screen doors.
If you use them, now is the time to take down the storm doors and replace them with screen doors. Be sure to inspect screens carefully and patch holes as needed. Even the tiniest hole can be enough to let in mosquitoes!

4. Check play equipment for safety.
Wood, ropes, and fastenings can degrade over time, making outdoor play equipment potentially unsafe. Some common areas to check are swings, zip lines, slides, monkey bars, and other structures. Repair or replace as needed.

5. Hang a clothesline for summer energy savings.
Summer is a great time to skip the dryer and opt for line drying your clothes in the fresh air instead!

6. Keep cooling systems running smoothly.
Before hot weather sets in schedule maintenance for your cooling system. Also, dust ceiling fans, clean portable fans, and install window air conditioning units if needed. We also suggest adding curtains to windows to help keep the cool air in and hot air out.

7. Schedule major outdoor projects.
If you are dreaming of a new patio or replacing a deck, this is the time to get your project scheduled! Most contractors tend to fill up their summer schedules with outdoor projects, so don’t delay! Call us today!

8. Make space for summer crafting.
With the kids home for the summer, having a designated craft space can provide a creative, screen-free entertainment space for you and your kids!

9. Update first-aid kits and emergency supplies.
Outdoor fun can lead to extra scrapes. Be prepared with a well-stocked first-aid kit in your house and car, plus emergency supplies for your family and pets.

10. Catch up on projects and maintenance.
We know it’s easy to hibernate in the winter and put off home projects. This is the perfect time to create a game plan to tackle that honey-do list.

Be sure to read our must-do list of how to prepare your home for summer so you can keep your home functioning at its best!