kitchen remodel

Fishers Corner Kitchen Remodel

This family had a busy family with growing children and not enough kitchen space. They wanted to remove a wall between the kitchen, dining room, and living room which would give them a large, clean slate to work with. Once everything was removed, we added new flooring to the main living area to give a continuous look throughout the space and gave them the larger kitchen they desired.

Custom Kitchen Remodel


The clients Experience

They were very quick and efficient, not to mention it looks fabulous.  
I called them in a panic when I discovered my deck was rotten and I was about to host a party for 50+ people.  We had used them in the past to completely remodel our kitchen and knew they were good people and would be able to suggest someone that could do decking. I was so relieved when he said he could do it. He also told me to stay off and away from it because he was worried about my safety. I know they were really busy but he treated me like family and found the time to fit me in before the party. ~ Karey

I was so pleased with the work that Mitch and his team did for my home. They completely redid my entire kitchen. They took me shopping and kept me in the loop about everything. I came out with a beautiful modern kitchen. Its so cool to see the final picture on their website still today. They removed a wall and opened up the space giving me an island kitchen which I have always wanted. They installed all new cabinets, appliances, flooring and railing on my stairs. Beyond the beautiful kitchen they left me with I also felt like I made some good friends. That was proven just a few months ago when I was desperate for a decking contractor and I called them for a reference and they stepped up and did the job for me. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants an excellent return on their investment. ~ John



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