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Eldrige Kitchen Remodel located in Sandy, Oregon

This kitchen was actually three spaces when we first looked at it. While the home was newer, it made no sense to have a small, non-functioning kitchen, and two eating areas, both eating areas were closed off with only small openings to access them from the kitchen. To get to one, you had to walk through the kitchen. The kitchen was so small, there were originally no cabinets on one side of the stove, and there was no room to walk through the kitchen when you were loading or unloading the dishwasher. The formal eating area was the same size as the informal eating area and they did not use the formal eating area at all. We opened all the walls, removed the informal eating area all together and made the kitchen into a space the entire family could use at the same time.

Custom Kitchen Remodel


The clients Experience

We can’t express to you how impressed we are with the quality, craftsmanship, and materials used in our home. Your ability to provide us with a detailed proposal ensured there were no “surprises” regarding budget or exactly what to expect when the project was completed.



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