9 High-End Features for your Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling is an investment, which is why we take extra time in the planning phases with our clients to help you invest your money accordingly. Rest assured, our team has been in the industry since 1992, and we can help guide you on features to save or splurge on.

One thing we know for sure, kitchens and bathrooms historically yield a higher return on your investment and can add value to your home. However, the best reason to remodel your bathroom isn’t for a potential future buyer, but for you and your family! Having a private getaway in your home to relax and rejuvenate yourself is invaluable. Here are 9 features to include in your bathroom remodel to increase your comfort, storage, and style.

1. Showstopper Backsplash.
A vanity backsplash is perhaps the best and most visible area in a bathroom to make a stylish impact. Adding a patterned tile that goes all the way to the ceiling adds instant drama to the room. If you love the idea of having a knockout backsplash but aren’t sure how to achieve the look, our design team can help!

2. Linen Cabinets.
If your space allows, adding a linen cabinet inside your primary bathroom is a convenience worth including in your remodel! It’s nice to have additional storage in your bathroom for fresh, fluffy towels, extra toiletries, or cosmetics, or even bed linens.

3. Dramatic Lighting.
Functional lighting in any bathroom is essential, but if you want to take your bathroom lighting to the next level, adding dramatic lighting is key. An easy way to add a statement light into your bathroom is to include a chandelier over the bathtub.

4. Open Shelving.
We love this trend in bathrooms to provide easy access to essentials like cotton balls and swabs. Open shelving is also a great way to add visual interest to the space by showcasing items you love, like houseplants and other décor.

5. Heated Towel Bars.
What’s dreamier than stepping out of the shower or tub and wrapping yourself up in a prewarmed tower? Not much, you deserve it. Heated towel bars have been popular in Europe for years and we’re happy to see the trend becoming more mainstream here in the U.S. Keep in mind that heated towel bars do need to be planned in the very beginning phase of your remodel, so be sure to let us know early on if this is on your wish list!

6. Enclosed Toilet.
If your space and budget allows, having an enclosed toilet gives you more privacy and makes your bathroom function more smoothly with 2 or more users.

7. Makeup Vanity.
A sit-down area for putting on makeup or doing your hair is a very nice feature if you have the room for it. Some options to consider are utilizing the space between a double sink or having your makeup vanity be completely separate from the conventional sink areas.

8. Wet Room.
Sometimes spaces don’t have enough room to separate a freestanding tub and shower, but it’s important for the homeowner to have both in their space. A wet room could be a great solution for your space. If you’ve never heard of a wet room, it’s essentially a large, walk-in shower with a freestanding tub inside.

9. Heated Floors.
If you’re installing new flooring in your bathroom, we cannot recommend adding heated flooring enough! There’s nothing worse than stepping out of your cozy, warm shower or bath onto a cold, tile floor. Additionally, if your bathroom always feels cool, heated flooring can help warm the room so it’s a more comfortable space for you to enjoy. 

Which of these features would fit best in your new bathroom? Our team can help you decide which features are worth splurging on, so you end up with the bathroom of your dreams. We can’t wait to help you with your bathroom remodel!