5 Bathroom Design Features We Recommend

When you’ve been in business for over 30 years, you know what design features make homeowners really happy! Here are a few bathroom elements we think are worth including in your future bathroom remodel – and so do our clients!

1. Heated Floors.
When you think about a luxury bathroom experience, most people automatically think of a freestanding, soaking tub or a huge, tiled shower. While those are great features and we obviously support those choices in your dream bathroom, stepping out of those onto a cold tile floor will diminish your at-home, spa experience.

If you’re already replacing your flooring during your remodel, we think adding heat to your floor will take your bathroom to the next level. Our clients agree!

2. Shower Niche.
Building a custom, tile shower without a dedicated space for shampoo, conditioner, soap, and other products, is not the move. Adding a niche for storage in your shower is a no-brainer!

Make sure your niche can accommodate the height and number of products you typically keep in the shower, plus extra room for overflow. A niche also offers an opportunity to introduce extra style into your shower with a contrasting accent tile or design. Can you tell we love a well thought out shower niche?!

3. Handheld Sprayer.
Speaking of showers, we think handheld sprayers are often overlooked in the design process and they shouldn’t be. Handheld sprayers are a great addition to your new shower and come in so many esthetically pleasing designs now! Handheld sprayers are great to have for cleaning the shower, bathing pets or kids, or for simply rinsing off shaved legs.

Having a handheld sprayer can also come in handy if someone in your home ever injured themselves or you choose to make your home your “forever home”. We know this isn’t necessary a glamorous reason to add a handheld sprayer to your shower, but we know it’s nice having the option so you can shower safely no matter what life throws at you!

4. Quality Plumbing Fixtures.
We love a good-looking faucet, but don’t judge your plumbing fixtures on looks alone. The inner components are vital to how long your fixtures will function and last. Poorly made fixtures often have plastic gaskets and other pieces inside that quickly break down which will affect water flow and other performance features. If you can only splurge on one thing – let it be your fixtures!

6. Great Lighting.
It’s a great idea to have multiple sources of lighting in your bathroom. When installing new light fixtures consider having overhead lighting and accent lights, like sconces or lighting on the sides of your mirrors, so you don’t have shadows cast on your face.

Natural light is an absolute gift in any room – especially in the winter months here in the PNW. If possible, we recommend having a source of natural light in your bathroom. We know this isn’t always possible, but it’s a wonderful addition if you can make it happen via a window or skylight.

We’d love to help you create the bathroom of your dreams and can’t wait to chat with you when you’re ready to start planning! We love making the remodeling process simple and fun for you!