15 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

One of the first things you should do as a new homeowner is get a well-stocked tool kit with good quality tools. We’ve put together this guide to take the guess work out of what you need. So, whether you’re a first-time homeowner or wanting to start your tool collection, let us help you create your first toolbox! Here are 15 tools every homeowner should have.

1. Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver
A screwdriver is one of the most common tools in any toolbox. We recommend this multi-bit screwdriver with interchangeable tips to get you started! The ratchet feature is easier on your wrists and allows for 2 times faster driving.

2. Tape Measure
Your tape measure is a vital tool in your toolbox for estimating material quantities on your next DIY project, figuring out furniture placement, measuring for new appliances, and more! We also highly recommend a reusable scratch pad to jot down notes or do quick math.

3. Level
Having a level on hand makes hanging a breeze! While some are great at eyeballing it, it never hurts to take the guesswork out. In a pinch, you can use your level as a straight edge.

4. Utility Knife
You’ll be surprised how often you reach for your utility knife – it’s not just for opening boxes! I have a few different ones around the house and this is my personal favorite!

5. Hammer
There are so many hammer options, we recommend you head to your local hardware store and find one that feels comfortable and is lightweight.

6. Pliers
This three-piece plier set should meet most of your everyday household needs. Each one has a specific use and can make the most tedious job fun. Pliers can assist with holding objects firmly in place or bending, pinching, or cutting wire.

7. Adjustable Crescent Wrench Set
Three tools in one product and a great addition to your toolbox! These are a must have for assembling furniture and other home décor items.

8. Drill & Impact Driver
Building a lot of furniture for your new home this weekend? A drill set will help larger projects go quickly with less muscle. Just be sure to stop when your fastener is tight, so you don’t strip the screw head. We have the set linked here, and I can’t recommend it enough! Keep in mind a cordless drill has a wide range of uses – including kitchen tasks!
As a note, it’s essential to invest in a few good sets of high-quality drill bits. Keep a few extras on hand in case one breaks mid project. Trust us.

9. Extension Cord
There are many extension cord options out there, so search and find the right one for your needs. There is a difference between indoor and outdoor extension cords, and one size does not fit all. Outdoor extension cords will have more insulation and protection to withstand the elements. They will also have a different plug, usually three-prong, to fit outdoor outlets. If you are planning to use an extension cord for outdoor projects, always purchase an outdoor cord. Indoor cords are typically appropriate for computer equipment, lamps, etc.

Tip: Never combine a three-prong cord with a two-prong cord as it can be dangerous.

10. Flashlight
It’s smart to always have flashlights (and extra batteries!) on hand for emergencies. We recommend you get a nice one that will last you for many years to come. 

11. Step Stool
Having a step stool handy to help with various tasks around your home like changing lightbulbs, dusting, or simply reaching something on the top shelf. Be sure to check the weight requirements before purchasing.

12. Ladder
There’s a wide selection of ladder options to choose from, so we suggest you shop around and find the type and height that will best suit your needs!

13. 15-in-1 Painter’s Tool
It’s a spreader, chisel, paint can opener, roller cleaner, nail puller, several Philips screwdrivers, and many other functions in one tool! It’s a must have for your toolbox.

14. Stud Finder
This handheld tool makes is easier to hang heavy shelves or mirrors. Easy to use stud finders are available in affordable magnetic options or more professionally used models that scan the wall. Jokes not included but recommended while in use.

15. Tool Bag
Once you’ve completed a few honey-do items around your home, you’ll quickly realize you need a reliable tool bag to store your items. Tool bags reduce trips to and from the garage and help minimize set up and clean up time. Pro tip: Look for a tool bag that has a padded bottom to protect your floors.

We hope these basic tools will help you feel better prepared to tackle your next project or repair. If the job is outside of your wheelhouse, don’t be afraid to give us a call to set up your first appointment. We are here to help you turn your house into a home you will enjoy for years to come!