6 Steps to Prepare for a Bathroom Remodel

Enduring a bathroom remodel can be a challenge – even if you have more than one! If you are working with a professional you should know what to expect as far as timeline, and with some extra planning, organizing, and schedule readjusting you can certainly ease the process. Here are 6 steps to prepare for a bathroom remodel and make it go as smoothly as possible!

1. Work with an experienced professional.
This goes without saying but we will say it anyway, you want to ensure the contractor you hire has the skill and experience to see this project through. You do not want this process to drag on, after all!

Material lead times are taking much longer than normal, which is why we believe planning your project and selecting materials ahead of time is so important. A production schedule is like a line of dominos, if things don’t line up just right it can throw the whole project off. So, if you have your heart set on something that has a long lead time, plan your start date around that!

To further this conversation, make sure your contractor has items in place for dust control and flooring protection, and learn their standards for jobsite cleanliness, work areas, crew parking areas, and jobsite safety. It’s helpful if all this is worked out before work begins so you and your contractor are on the same page!

2. Streamline shower and bath products.
The number of people using the available bathroom may double or even triple during a remodel. Spend time planning on how everyone in your home will function while sharing the space. The simplest thing you can do is slim down the number of products you all use – share shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. This will cut down on the number of bottles you will need to store in your shower’s limited space.

Before the remodel begins, spend a day going through all the contents of your bathroom cabinets, move out of the bathroom you’re remodeling and move into your temporary set up. Separate your items into three categories:

A) Everyday items. These are the everyday toiletries and cosmetics you will need during the remodel.
B) Extras and seldom-used items. Think of items like face masks, deep conditioning treatments, special makeup, extra toiletries, etc.
C) Unused or unopened items. If you no longer use an item, toss it! If you have unopened items you know you will never use you can donate the items to someone who needs them.

Again, you will want to do this before the remodel begins, but it’s a good idea to go through items again before you move into your new space and repeat yearly!

3. Schedule everyone’s bathroom routines.
Think about what everyone’s bathroom habits are and make a schedule. This may require you to temporarily wake up early to ensure everyone has time to get ready and have a hot shower. This little extra planning step can save a lot of arguments in the long run!

4. Spread out. 
Move some of your bathroom functions to other spaces in your home to prevent bathroom traffic jams. Great examples of this are to transform a desk or dresser into a dressing table for hair and makeup and use a powder room / laundry room as a teeth-brushing space.

5. Take a vacation. 
As extreme as this sounds, some clients prefer to skip the hassle of living in a construction zone. We can totally understand this and fully support you renting a place close by or going to Disney World. If you chose to move out during the process, please refer back to number one and make sure you are hiring an experienced professional you can trust in your home!

6. Focus on the results!
We understand that renovating your home is a big undertaking – and renovating your bathroom(s) while living in the house is not for the faint of heart! Construction zones can be very overwhelming for many, and we always want to remind you that it’s a temporary inconvenience for years of enjoyment!! The results WILL be work it!

We want to know what kinds of planning and strategies helped you survive a bathroom remodel. Please share in the comments! When you’re ready to start planning your bathroom remodel, contact our team – we’re ready to serve you. We hope these tips help give you ideas for your future bathroom remodel that you will enjoy for years to come!