4 Items to do when your Remodel is Finished

Aside from doing a happy dance that your contractor has moved out of your home, there are a few things that you need to take care of when your remodel is finished: reclaim your space, have fun moving your house back to where you want it, unpack items that you may have forgotten existed, and find that one silly item that you have been looking for.

Some of these items are going to ensure that you can keep your home functioning at its best; but more importantly, this list is something that will help protect your investment.



  1. Register any Warranty items

All those items that your contractor installed for you, they need to be registered. This is the only way you will be notified of any recalls on products that were installed in your home.

A little tip from someone who has done several of those over the years…print out some labels with your address on them, it will be much easier and faster for you.


  1. Ask Maintenance Questions

While maintaining the products that have been installed in your home is vital, sometimes there are a few items that need special attention to keep them in top working order and looking brand new. Here are a few examples:

Tile – While most tiles do not need to be sealed, the grout sometimes does. It is good to ask your contractor about maintenance, when they recommend sealing the grout, and even if they have a preferred product that they use.

Filters – Water purification units and furnace systems are the most typical items with filters that need to be maintained. Sometimes the filter alone will make the appliance act or sound a little weird. We suggest adding filter changes to your calendar so you it doesn’t get forgotten. We also suggest changing any furnace filters after your remodel.

Plumbing Fixtures – Buildup of hard water specifically on shower heads will affect their operation. There are some great cleaning hacks on Pinterest for cleaning shower heads!

Wood Floors – First and foremost, add felt pads to the bottom of everything. Just buy that huge bundle pack…trust us! It will save your floor, and it will make it easier to move large furniture. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed. Also make sure you have a good door mat for those rainy, Oregon days.


  1. Call your Insurance Company

This may not be important for all remodels, but if you are adding square feet to your home, changing heating sources, or redoing your roof or siding, call your agent and make sure it is updated in your file. Your agent may want to come out and get pictures for their records.

The bottom line is this, if something does happen to your home, you want it to be covered!


  1. Enjoy your space!

Need we say more? 🙂