5 Ways to be the Best Client Ever

We understand remodeling your home can be a big undertaking, which means it is so important to have a good relationship and clear contract with your contractor! Something many homeowners don’t realize is another key factor to keeping your remodeling project running smoothly is you. Here is a list of ways you can be the best client ever for your contractor:

1. Be Realistic

We’re going to level with you here, home improvement TV shows are great for inspiration and entertainment, but just because Chip and JoJo were able to demo a wall doesn’t mean you should too. By all means write down your ideas and do your own research, but at the end of the day it takes an expert in the field to provide you with the right advice. Let your contractor help you make those critical decisions about your project.

2. Know Your End Goal Before Work Begins

Should you choose Specktacular Home Remodeling, part of our process is planning your project before work begins. Changing the scope or direction of your project mid-construction will likely cause delays and extra costs for you. It’s important to give full consideration to everything you need and want to include in your final space. Plan accordingly with your contractor to avoid any project hiccups.

3. Provide a Staging Area

Be sure to provide your contractor with a dedicated place to store tools and materials and to do project prep work. A staging area will help keep your project running smoothly and allows the construction crews to spend more hours during the day actually working on your project, not setting up and tearing down each morning and night.

4. Make Decisions in a Timely Manner

If your contractor asks you to make a decision by a certain day or time, please do you best to meet the deadline. Putting off decisions with a mutually agreed upon time will cause delays to not only your project, but also the other projects your contractor is working on. Know that in a remodeling project, you (the homeowner) are partially responsible for keeping your project on schedule.

5. Be Mindful of your Presence

We love clients who want to be hands-on and involved in their project, just know your daily presence on the job site can be a distraction to workers and ultimately prolong the progress of your project. Let your contractors work, maybe set up a weekly walk through with them or a brief check-in at the end or beginning of the day if you really like progress updates.