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Remodeling does not necessarily mean that you need to take apart a whole room or the entire house. Sometimes, only making minor changes can really change how you see, use or feel about a room. While all of the items listed below are categorized as “remodeling,” consider the following:


Typically a “refreshed” project is very limited in the scope of work and the design is straight-forward. For example, a refreshed room may include 1-3 of the following items:

  • New paint
  • New cabinet hardware
  • New flooring
  • New countertops
  • New backsplash
  • New faucet, sink, or toilet
  • New appliances
  • New window treatments


Typically a “revived” project will include multiple rooms or multiple tasks being completed in one room. Some may call this “minor remodeling.” In this type of project, the changes will typically be more extensive then changes seen on the surface or the process may take more than a couple of days to complete. Furthermore, designing the changes may require several hours of time to define the scope of work and choose the materials to be used. In addition to the items in the refreshed examples above, “revived” changes may include:

  • Replacing, relocating, or adding a door or window
  • Moving light fixtures, outlets or switches
  • Refinishing cabinetry and woodwork
  • Replacing cabinet door and drawer fronts
  • Re-facing the cabinets
  • Installing an acrylic tub or shower liner
  • Installing a heated floor
  • Adding or removing a closet from an existing room


Typically a “remodel” project is synonymous with “renovation.” With these projects we redesign, re-purpose, and revamp a room, area or entire house. Often we will also create an addition to augment the existing spaces. For example, a kitchen renovation may include removing or relocating walls and appliances, raising ceilings or adding to the home to improve the function, look and feel. Likewise a bathroom remodel may include altering the layout, moving the toilet, sink and shower to make the space feel bigger or function better. The design process needed to complete these changes may take place over a period of several days or months depending on the overall size of the project. Here are some examples of “remodeling” projects:

  • Creating a Master Suite
  • Adding a Master Bathroom
  • Creating a bigger Kitchen
  • Adding a Family Room
  • Constructing a Home Office or Theater
  • Finishing a basement
  • Converting an Attic into a Bedroom

Whether your plans include changing a faucet, adding new space to your home or somewhere in between, Specktacular Home Remodeling can help you make your dreams a reality.


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